White House Speaks on New National Cyber Strategy at GovCIO Media & Research Event

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March 3, 2023

Tyson’s Corner, VA. —White House Assistant National Cyber Director, Anjana Rajan, spoke March 2 at GovCIO Media & Research’s CyberScape: Insider Threats event and offered insight into the new National Cybersecurity Strategy released by the Biden Administration that same morning.

The Office of the National Cyber Director installed new cybersecurity policies in the new national strategy and encouraged government and industry to make better long-term cybersecurity investments. Notably, the strategy also called on regulators to hold software developers responsible for product security.

Rajan served as the keynote speaker for the CyberScape event put on by GovCIO Media & Research, an independent media company owned by GovCIO that provides insights and analysis on federal IT innovation. She was joined by government cybersecurity leaders from the Departments of Defense, State, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security.

The war in Ukraine served as a catalyst for the new national cybersecurity strategy, Rajan said at the event. She explained that the strategy also called for increased partnership between government and industry to address systemic cybersecurity problems that affect the nation’s economy, society, and future prosperity.

“Too often we’re relying on the individual consumer, small businesses, local and state governments to defend against nation states, and that is an unfair burden we’re putting on the wrong folks,” Rajan said. “What we need to rebalance is the players that can bear that burden in the public, and private sectors need to do their fair share of cybersecurity.”

Jackie Medina, a GovCIO Vice President, was in attendance for Thursday’s event.

“We got to hear how the White House is shifting responsibility to technology providers and driving long-term investments in infrastructure security and R&D. This sends a strong signal to the world that the US is getting serious about cybersecurity,” Medina said.

To listen to the full fireside chat between Rajan and GovCIO Media & Research Deputy Editor Kate Macri, download the latest episode of CyberCast.

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