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Improving Veteran Healthcare through Genomic Data

For the past 7 years, GovCIO has worked with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on one of the largest genetic and health research programs in the world, Million Veteran Program (MVP), which explores how genes, lifestyle, military experiences, and exposures affect health and wellness in Veterans. This cutting-edge genetic research is fueled by Veterans who share their DNA with MVP, leading to scientific discoveries that allow Veterans, families, and their providers to make important health care decisions.

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2023 Updates and Enhancements

Reaching One Million Genomes

Approximately 985,000+ Veterans have enrolled, or shared their DNA, for the Million Veteran Program (MVP). The goal of the MVP program is the collection, storage and availability to researchers of one million genomes collected from Veterans.

GovCIO support this effort through our work on the Genomic Information System for Integrative Sciences (GENISIS) contract,  supporting the capture, tracking, and storing of genomic Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) and Whole Genome Studies (WGS) data using proven industry best practices. This contract also entails the continued maintenance of the Million Veteran Program (MVP).

Genomic Research MVP



Jobs Run Collectively

The Boston cluster has run 1.76 million jobs and 5.53M in Pittsburgh. Together these total over 6.2M computing hours used.


Researcher Accounts

These active research accounts span 50 different studies on the Million Veteran Program (MVP).



The genomic data is available for research studies to assist in important discoveries for Veteran healthcare.

Analyzing Genomic Data for MVP

Transforming Government IT

Through GovCIO’s GENISIS contract with the Million Veteran Program (MVP), genomic data is analyzed and stored on the High-Performance Cluster (HPC) to support the diagnostic capabilities, like extracting useful relationships from complex data sources and for supporting the high-capacity data warehouse technologies.  The HPC is home to hundreds of commonly used bioinformatic software applications that assist our researchers in deriving new and useful knowledge from within the data.

As part of our application support services, GovCIO works with technology partners, third party organizations, and innovative product vendors to assist our researcher’s in leveraging complex technologies and tools used for research. This includes constantly evaluating and testing new software products to keep up with the increasing researcher demand for new software to analyze genomic data. To maintain the software and data ingest process, GovCIO creates Standard Operating Procedures to ensure proper technical support is documented and to provide a repeatable, quality approach to managing sensitive genomic data.

In our feature video below, David Lanznar, GENESIS Software Engineer/Full Stack Developer, explains how his team helps analyze and protect the data collected through the Million Veteran Program (MVP).

Million Veteran Program

Employee Spotlight: David Lanznar

David Lanznar, GENESIS, MVP