Mangement Advisory
Mangement Advisory

Management, Advisory, & Mission Support

Collaborating with you as a strategic partner, we connect your strategy and goals with people, processes, technology, and data, setting you on a clear path to better results. Our consultants create new ways of working for you, using Agile, Lean, DevSecOps, and other best practices, to achieve the operational excellence you need now while also positioning you as a future-ready organization.


Strategic Planning
GovCIO strategists assess where you are now, where you need to go, and how you can most successfully get there. We partner with you to correctly frame your objectives and align your capabilities with potential opportunities for transformation, ensuring you’re not just doing things right but doing the right things to get your organization where you want it.

Agile Transformation

Founded on Agile principles, GovCIO ‘walks the walk’, embedding Agile across all we do and how we do it. Working from both the bottom-up and the top-down, our Agilists create tailored approaches for your culture and mission. In this way, we address the cultural, organizational, and technical changes needed for your organization to fully embrace agile and ferment lasting transformation.


PMO Services
GovCIO helps leadership and managers at all levels of government amplify their performance and efficiency. Using Agile and Lean structures, processes, and tools, we streamline your workflows, increase responsiveness, break down organizational and communication silos, minimize risk, and drive accountability and transparency. Our SMEs use analytics to identify improvements and facilitate intelligent decision making.

Mission Support Services

Combining our deep expertise with tailored and agile methods, GovCIO provides a range of consulting and mission support services. We start with a genuine spirit of partnership to establish strong relationships with you and your stakeholders that will fuel successful outcomes. This collaborative relationship ensures we align our teams towards a common goal and apply the right resources at the right time. 


Health Portfolio PMO & Technical Support, VA OIT

VA OIT's health portfolio comprises various products, programs, and projects, that deliver highly visible, Veteran-centric healthcare technology solutions. To address challenges with disjointed communication, contract, and resource landscapes and delayed program execution, as well as continue improving the services and products delivered, the VA sought the expertise of GovCIO. 

Our team implemented a streamlined proactive Agile portfolio, program, and project management approach, improving the quality, reliability, and speed of the health portfolio's services and products. This has improved, both directly and indirectly, how the VA delivers health care to Veterans.