Voyager product
Voyager product
Voyager Suite
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  • Query – Voyager Query offers law enforcement officials immediate access to critical criminal justice data, using its nationwide Cloud-based infrastructure to access critical Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliant data over any wireless data network.

  • Victim Notification – Voyager Victim Notification allows law enforcement officials to complete traditionally paper-based Victim forms with a smartphone or tablet.

  • Atlas – Voyager Atlas and its related applications, elaborated below, places situational awareness of your organization’s mission into the hands of your mobile workforce, providing a 360° view of all system activity on an edge-to-edge map display so users have the data and actions to make critical decisions quickly and effectively.

    • Command Tracker – Deliver flexible and easy-to-implement personnel incident and asset management for Motorola GPS-enabled radios.

    • Insights- Provide Web-based real-time situational awareness and management

    • EDoc – Take situational awareness to a whole new level by blending the edge-to-edge map display of Atlas with precise in-building location sharing.

    • SAFE – Place smartphone tools for all faculty entrusted with the safety and security of students, employees, VIP's and others directly in your hands, and enable users to assist in securing the school environment and protecting its entire population.

  • Parking Violations – Use our enterprise server to connect cities and private parking providers with access to DMV and public data sources

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