Veterans Intake, Conversion and Communications Services (VICCS)


The Veterans Intake, Conversion and Communications Services (VICCS) is a Multiple Award IDIQ award with a basic ordering period of five (5) years issued by the Department of Veterans Administration which includes three (3) administrations, National Cemetery Administration (NCA), Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), and Veterans Health Administration (VHA) all which provides vital services to America’s veterans. Individual Task Orders may encompass more than one functional area, however the complexity and uniqueness of potential Task Order requirements covered apply across multiple service areas under this award. Under this award, we have provided continuous, multiple services with the intent on the improvement of services for these three Administrations that are key to the survival to our veterans and their families.

Contract Holder

Contract Type
Multiple Award IDIQ

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Scope of Services:

  • Program Management, Strategy, and Planning Support Services
  • Intake Services
  • Source Material Tracking Services
  • Source Material Management Services
  • Conversion Services
  • Upload and Routing Services
  • Inbound Mail Management Support Services
  • Rules-Based Processing Services (RBPS)
  • Business Processing Services (BPS)
  • Centralized Outbound Services
  • Data Transfer Services
  • Graphical Self-Service Report Generation Capability (VA-Accessible) Services
  • Inbound/Outcome Call Services
  • Integration, Setup, Test, And Validation Services
  • Service Updates
  • Data Transition In/Out Services
  • Professional Services
  • Help Desk Services

Contract Type Supported:
Hybrid Award. Each Task Order will determine the contract type.

Program Ceiling–Total Contract Value:
$900 million

Unique Entity Identifier:

Contract Number/Task Order:

Period of Performance:
September 9, 2019, through September 8, 2024

Point of Contact:
Kristin Gill
Sector President, Veteran and Enterprise Technology Solutions (VETS)