IT Modernization

Create Dynamic Enterprises That Can Evolve With You

As IT innovation rapidly grows and shifts, GovCIO helps you keep pace while maximizing the value of your legacy infrastructure and delivering uninterrupted support to users.

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Reinvent How You Work To Power Mission Success

Your IT environment must drive your organization’s mission and support operations quality, efficiency, and productivity. As IT innovation rapidly evolves, you must keep pace while maximizing value from your legacy infrastructure and continually delivering uninterrupted support to your stakeholders.

GovCIO helps define the right strategy for your organization. We balance the push for continuous optimization with the legacy considerations of your current environment to deliver feasible solutions that generate sustained value.

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We Architect Solutions For The Future

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We Build Infrastructures To Withstand The Test Of Time

Infrastructure And Operations

We Create Modern IT Ecosystems

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We Create Software That Provides Lasting Value

Software Engineering

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Transforming How GAO Delivers Enterprise IT Services

To improve its overall IT performance, GovCIO architects, operates, and secures GAO's enterprise network and hardware infrastructure, data centers, telecommunications systems, and applications while modernizing its development, enhancement, and service approach to an Agile/DevSecOps model.

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"Our team has had a positive impact in helping our customer identify, define, and take action on their highest priorities [to] achieve their objectives and goals."

Quinn Lee
Deputy Pgm. Manager

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