Social Responsibility

We’re Working To Benefit Our Communities Each And Every Day

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Our Culture

GovCIO is proud of the diverse and inclusive community we’ve created. We foster a warm and approachable work environment built upon empathy, collaboration, integrity, and mutual respect.

As a people-driven organization, we let our staff lead the charge towards change. By soliciting their feedback and including them in key operational decisions, we’ve moved from a culture of awareness to action and furthered our commitment to transparency and accountability.

Life at GovCIO

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEI&A)

The numerous backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives of GovCIO employees make us better decision-makers, problem solvers, and creators. And we’re committed to maintaining this open, welcoming environment by prioritizing inclusion and belonging.

Our DEI&A Pledge – We pledge to treat all GovCIO employees fairly, regardless of:

  • Race, ethnicity, or nationality
  • Parental or marital status
  • Faith
  • Political Affiliation
  • Sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Neurological variations
  • Disability or mental illness
  • Physical appearance
  • Age
  • Differences of opinion

Our Diverse Team


Diverse Workforce

Our makeup is unique; varying races, genders and ethnicities.


Military Veterans

We have an ongoing commitment to hire and support Veterans.


Employee Locations

Our people span the globe, bringing unique cultures and viewpoints.

Corporate Philanthropy Program

GovCIO’s philanthropic efforts enhance the well-being of both our employees and the residents of the communities where we reside and operate. We identify causes and organizations that align with our specific priorities and address the unique needs of the communities where GovCIO conducts its business.

Our Focus Includes:

  • Establishing robust partnerships with non-profit organizations dedicated to addressing significant challenges of our time.
  • Contributing to qualified non-profits through charitable donations, as well as offering in-kind services and materials.
  • Facilitating company-sponsored volunteer opportunities for employees and endorsing their individual interests in volunteerism.
  • Backing our internal Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and their community outreach initiatives.
  • Engaging in collaboration with various stakeholders, such as chambers of commerce, academic institutions, and government agencies, to enhance local communities.
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Boulder Crest Community Service 2022

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GovCIO's DEI&A Council

A Message from the Council Lead

“Studies have proven that companies with stronger diversity achieve significantly higher engagement, productivity, and positive social impact. This directly correlates to higher job satisfaction, retention, company reputation, and revenue. All of which are important to the success and continued growth of GovCIO.”

Amelia Garcia
Program Analyst
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Are You Ready to be a Transformer?

We’re always looking for fresh and exciting talent. If you like what you see, we may be an awesome fit for you. Be sure to explore our Careers page.

Careers at GovCIO
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