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Management & Mission Services

Working At The Intersection Of Strategy, Tech, And Transformation To Achieve Excellence

We align your strategy and goals to your people, processes, technology, and data, setting a clear path to better results. 

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Close the Gap Between Where You Are And Where You Want to Be

The success of any government agency depends on how effectively it operates. The pandemic has upended organizational norms and operating models, but GovCIO is here to help you face this challenge head-on. Collaborating with you as a strategic partner, our consultants help implement Agile, Lean, DevSecOps, and other management and operational best practices to achieve the excellence you need now and position you as a future-ready organization.

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We Formulate Strategies That Yield The Right Results For You

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Elevating How VA Delivers Health Care to Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Office of Information & Technology (OIT) Health Services Portfolio (HSP) creates modern, integrated technical solutions that enable the continual delivery of healthcare to Veterans in a secure and cost-effective manner. To address delivery issues HSP faced, VA OIT brought on GovCIO to help HSP implement a streamlined, proactive approach to portfolio management and provide the expertise to guide transformative VA health IT initiatives that improve how VA provides healthcare to Veterans.


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"By incorporating more agile methodologies, I have been able to show the benefits of team collaboration and now the customer fully appreciates the transparency, open communication and workflow, and the boost in employee engagement."

LaKisha Kee, MBA, PMP, CSM
Project Team Lead

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