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GovCIO Is Transforming Government IT

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Our Vision

With a holistic perspective and Agile methods, we keep our customers at the forefront of digital innovation.

Our teams deliver high value IT solutions and services that allow customers to thrive today, all while preparing them to tackle any challenge the future may bring.

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Our Mission

GovCIO uses IT to transform how government works for the better.

From the U.S. military to Health and Human Services, our consultants create solutions that optimize how our customers operate and help prepare them for current and future demands.

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By the Numbers


Annual Revenue

We’re one of the fastest growing IT companies and that’s because we’re always finding new and innovative ways to transform government IT.

Our Work


Our employees are based all over the US and worldwide. We’re changing the face of government IT– and building a culture that fuels that mission.

Life at GovCIO

Physical Locations

No matter where you live, you can be a transformer.  In addition to our physical locations, we also support remote-work whenever possible.

Careers at GovCIO
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Our Story

GovCIO was founded by a Navy veteran and a government consultant who saw a need for fresh ideas in the government IT space and had the desire to make an impact.

Sitting at a kitchen table, they built GovCIO. Together, they created a unique organization that combines extensive Federal experience and innovative and disruptive approaches with a caring, inclusive culture that puts customers before profit.

While our leadership has changed, we’re 1,000 times bigger – with well over 2,000 employees.

And while we definitely don’t fit at a kitchen table anymore (or at any of our first three downtown D.C. offices for that matter), the core of what makes us who we are still remains.

Our People

The Sectors We Serve

Empowering federal partners to meet today’s challenges while building tomorrow’s government.

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From enterprise Agile transformations to electronic health record modernization, we help government agencies run large programs at peak efficiency, delivering seamless care and integrated services to Veterans and other citizen sectors.
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Our talented employees work alongside Health and Civilian agencies to solve their most complex challenges and implement newfound efficiencies using technology- all with the goal of helping citizens thrive.
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No matter what your national security mission is, GovCIO has the proactive strategies and pioneering technology to streamline, connect, and secure the most complex and critical of teams and services and empower your specific mission.

Two Paths, One Goal

GovCIO and GovCIO Media & Research

GovCIO comprises a consulting arm and an independent subsidiary, GovCIO Media & Research (GovCIO M&R), which serves as our unbiased outlet for the latest news and insights in Federal IT. While GovCIO and GovCIO M&R take different paths, they still work together to meet the same objective- transforming government IT.

Learn More About Media & Research

The GovCIO P.A.C.T.

GovCIO makes a PACT with each of our customers. We provide world-class People who apply Agile processes to Create innovative solutions that Transform Government IT.


GovCIO’s success depends on our people. We hire the best and brightest, seeking talent from all industries and walks of life, and give them the resources to deliver for customers on all aspects of their missions.

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We establish Agile work environments, driving our teams’ innovation while giving them the flexibility to meet evolving priorities. This allows our customers to have rapid access to technological solutions and improvements.

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Our commitment to our customers is at the heart of what we do. We listen to customers’ challenges and create solutions that help them work better and meet their specific mission needs.

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We combine the resources of GovCIO and GovCIO Media & Research to keep customers ahead of the curve. GovCIO acts as the consulting arm, while GovCIO M&R acts as an unbiased source of Federal IT insights. Together, they work toward the same goal: transforming government IT.

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What Sets GovCIO Apart

We're Not Your Traditional Contractors

“You’d be hard pressed to find a company of our size that has the type of capabilities, and really, the demonstrated credentials that we have… [We] deliver savvy experts that are responsive to our customer needs. We’re focused on achieving our customer’s successes and they can see that in the way we show up; we’re leading differently.”

Allen Deitz
Chief Growth Officer
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GovCIO takes the latest IT innovations and turns them into solutions for the most pressing challenges government agencies face today.

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