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Government-Wide Contracting Vehicles

GovCIO holds the following Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) through which any Federal customer can acquire our services.

Contract Vehicles For National Security, Law Enforcement, And Intelligence Agencies

If you’d like to acquire our services, or work with us, at Federal agencies within the Military, Law Enforcement, or Intelligence communities, here are additional agency- specific vehicles we hold.

Contract Vehicles For Health Care And Civilian-Focused Agencies

Beyond our corporate GWACs, GovCIO holds prime spots on a variety of cross-agency and agency specific contract vehicles through which you can easily acquire our services or work with us.

Interested In Being A GovCIO Partner?

GovCIO’s formed a strong network of industry partners that comprises both public sector experts and cutting-edge innovators. This allows us to blend modern solutions with customer understanding so we can deliver the best outcomes possible for our government clients.

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