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Data fuels innovation and growth more than any other technological driver. To maximize the value of your data, GovCIO takes a 360-degree view of your data ecosystem, considering it from organizational, technological, strategic, and process perspectives. Weaving together cutting-edge approaches (DataOps, Data-as-a-Service, Data Thinking) with emerging technologies (cloud, AI, ML, NLP, Big Data), we generate innovative solutions that prioritize user needs, better organize and manage data, remove data silos, and democratize data to drive self-service analytics.

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Helping Federal Courts Expediently And Accurately Fulfill Their Duties

GovCIO supports the Judiciary Data and Analysis Office (JDAO) in developing, maintaining, and enhancing business intelligence decision support systems for U.S. federal courts. Using ITIL and agile approaches, we continually enhance the systems, bringing in new subject areas, establishing new functionality, and modernizing to increase efficiencies.

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"We are engaging our clients to develop solutions that address organizational blind spots and help enable them to make better data-driven decisions."

Jason Chong
Director, Analytics

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