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Elevating How VA Delivers Health Care to Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system has over nine million veterans enrolled and serves more than 6.5 million unique patients across 150+ million appointments each year. These veterans have complex and evolving mental and physical health needs that require effective care regardless of where they live, the impacts of a global pandemic, supply chain interruptions, or clinical and technology capacity limitations.

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Optimizing How VA OIT Delivers Enterprise Products

VA’s Office of Information and Technology (OIT) is in the middle of a significant transformation; OIT’s Veteran Experience Services (VES) portfolio is essential to its modernization. GovCIO serves as a dedicated partner to VES, providing the expertise to guide VES through major transformation efforts, including cloud-smart, DevSecOps, and API-first initiatives, as well as its transition to a Product-Line Management structure.

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Veteran & Enterprise Technology Sector (VETS)

For over a decade, GovCIO has brought together people, processes, and emerging technology to deliver seamless, integrated services to veterans and advance critical enterprise capabilities for the government.

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