Why We've Changed

2021 was a landmark year for GovCIO. We’ve transitioned to a new leadership team and acquired an entire company, Salient CRGT, tripling in size to 2600 employees in a matter of months. Through our investment in Salient CRGT, in addition to welcoming many new colleagues to GovCIO, we’ve expanded both our footprint across the defense and civilian spaces and the breadth of capabilities we can offer customers.

With any growth such as this one comes change. With new customers markets come new challenges and needs to address; with new technologies come new solutions; and with expanded capabilities and employee expertise come expanded avenues for innovation.

We’re embracing this change, using it as an opportunity to update our brand as well. As we continue evolving towards our next phase as a company, we’ve refreshed the GovCIO brand (including this name change) to better position ourselves in the government marketplace. Don’t worry though, our name and look may change, but we’ll always stay true to our roots and core founding mission of transforming government IT.

We’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on.

What's Changed? 

How We're Referring to Ourselves

While our legal name is still GovernmentCIO LLC for the time being, we’re now going by GovCIO. Shortening to GovCIO comes with many benefits.

First and foremost, GovernmentCIO is a mouthful. Most employees, partners, and customers already refer to us as GovCIO. We already abbreviate our name to GovCIO in most of our proposal submissions. It made sense to officially change our name to GovCIO.

While GovCIO is more concise and catchier than GovernmentCIO, it still conveys the key priorities and focuses of our company:

  1. Gov - We specialize in the government space with all of our customers being part of the public sector.
  2. CIO - CIO stands for Chief Information Officer, underscoring that our company capabilities and expertise cover all services overseen by public sector CIOs and the Offices of the CIO (OCIO).

Our Logo

We’ve updated our logo to reflect our revised name as well as to better reflect current design trends and best practices. The overall look is more modern, symmetrical, and defined, rooted in our history, but giving us the momentum and strength to move into the future.

New GovCIO Logo

The flywheel and O sandwich and center the logo with the multi-colored V serving as the center focal point. The V serves as the connector between Gov & CIO, uniting the two as one. Highlighting the V emphasizes our core, our mission, and starting roots as a SDVOSB.


Today our homepage remains the same, with just our logo and name updated.

But, as you’ll see when visiting our homepage, we’re launching an entirely redesigned site on March 24, 2022. Highlighting our new growth and expanded offerings and also featuring insights into our culture and career opportunities, this site will fully capture the new GovCIO.

New GovCIO Website Preview

What Hasn't Changed 

As we mentioned above, with the growth of our company, change is inevitable. In fact, GovCIO is built on the concept of change, of transformation. However, what hasn’t changed with this rebrand-and what won’t change- is our dedication to our customers and our core mission of transforming government IT. What won’t change is our commitment to you and your families, as we’ll continue making sure we’re providing you with the resources you need to thrive both professionally and personally.


GovCIO is no longer a 10-person team working out of a single office space in Washington D.C. We’re a 2,500-person team spread across the United States and beyond. And we needed to update our branding assets needed to reflect the evolution and increased diversity of our company.

In initiating this rebrand, we evaluated who our company was at its start, who we are as a company today, and where we want to go in the future.

Old logo
Old GovCIO Logo
New logo
New GovCIO Logo

The previous version of our logo and brand reflected how our customers and employees saw the company at the time: mission focused, approachable, nimble. We sought to retain those perceptions in our new look while also showing how we’ve evolved over the years. We've acquired new products and services with our recent acquisition of Salient CRGT and it was time for a change.

We’re so excited to share this new brand with you.