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Title Location Area of Interest
Senior Cybersecurity Engineer – SME #4291 US-DC-Washington, D.C. Cyber Security & Intelligence
Data Engineer #4304 US-DC-Washington, D.C. Data Services
Full Stack Developer #4146 US-VA-Arlington IT Infrastructure & Network Engineering & Operations
Network/Systems Engineer 1 (Network Edge Operations – 2nd Shift Sunday – Wednesday) #4339 US-WV-Martinsburg Information Technology
Active Directory Admin – Hybrid #4278 US-VA-Quantico Information Technology
Information Systems Security Officer #3122 US-DC-Washington, D.C. Cyber Security & Intelligence
Network/Systems Engineer 2 (Technology & Service Transition Support) #3882 US-WV-Martinsburg Information Technology
Senior Human Resources Team Lead #4160 US-MD-Silver Spring Other
IT Training Specialist #3959 US-TX-San Antonio Training
Project Coordinator 3 #3389 US-WV-Martinsburg Information Technology
Project Coordinator 3 #3819 US-DC-Washington, D.C. Information Technology
Security System Specialist II #3995 US-DC-Washington, D.C. Cyber Security & Intelligence
Technical Writer #4092 US-DC-Washington, D.C. Cyber Security & Intelligence
Java Developer #4051 US-DC-Washington, D.C. Information Technology
Network/Systems Engineer 1 (Network Edge Operations) #2937 US-WV-Martinsburg Information Technology


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