Keeping Veterans Stories Alive

GovCIO team members discuss how the Veterans Legacy Memorial (VLM) platform allows them to honor, share and celebrate their veteran’s stories.

The Veterans Legacy Memorial is a digital online memorialization platform built to share memories of Veterans buried or interred worldwide. As a partner alongside the Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration (NCA), GovCIO has worked on the development, execution and maintenance of this impactful platform since its launch in 2019. Nearly 10 million profiles have been created with thousands of memories shared by families and friends to help remember and tell the stories of our veterans. A few of our team members share their stories below on how the power of seeing and telling their veteran’s story through the Veterans Legacy Memorial (VLM) platform has impacted them.

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Deborah Shanley-Vilchez
Mgr, Operations

“I found both of my uncles on the site. Most of their immediate family have passed and only my father remains, so I keep the pages updated as much as possible. I feel it is my duty to keep their legacy alive. This site is so important to allow us families to share the stories of our veterans. Many assume a soldier’s life beyond the military was the same type of life, yet in most cases their lives are all so different; starting families and building memories that we as family member want to remember and share – this platform allows us to do that and to share with others this insight into their life.”

Kat Wood
Digital Marketing Director

“I casually went to the VLM site and entered my grandpa’s name thinking I’d see his name in a long list. It wasn’t that at all, and I immediately teared up after seeing not only his resting place, but also my grandma’s. They didn’t want funerals, and I’m 14 hours away so stopping by to “visit” was never easy. My grandparents were like parents to me and I miss them dearly.

I am so proud to be surrounded by the professionals responsible for creating something as thoughtful and detailed as VLM. I felt like I was given the chance to “stop and visit them” – unexpected and is a welcome comfort.”

Roberta Seymour
Sr Mgr, Finance

I was able to find two family members using Veteran Legacy Memorial (VLM); my grandfather Lt. C.E. Perry who served in WWII and Korea and my father Lt. F. A. Seymour who served in Vietnam. Both were members of the US Navy. This is a wonderful project and  am getting my mom and sisters involved in updates to both of their sites.

VLM Features

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Help Tell the Story of a Veteran

Visit the Veterans Legacy Memorial platform by clicking here to start documenting the story of your Veteran. The site offers you the ability to upload photos, write tributes, submit milestones, view their resting place and most importantly share their story. Begin the journey of honor and remembrance by telling a Veterans story through VLM.

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