Lean Agile Center of Excellence (LACE)

We don’t just deliver solutions; we co-create them with our customers, ensuring their needs are not just met but exceeded every step of the way. Through streamlined service delivery and the utilization of a standardized, cohesive Agile approach, we generate sustainable, successful outcomes alongside our clients.

Empowering Business Agility

Optimizing Strategies for Success

We analyze lessons learned from prior government contract to refine our approach for future projects. This process enables us to leverages our insights when approaching similar clients, allowing us to replicate successful practices and avoid those proved ineffective.

Agile Experts with Government Knowledge

We bring people to the table that are not only certified in formal methods of Agile implementation, but have the knowledge of how they do things in government and that makes us unique.

Forming A True Partnership

Our collaborative and transparent planning process has enhanced program effectiveness and fostered a cohesive, productive environment. This has led to reduced implementation times, improved operational efficiency, and quicker issue resolution, resulting in more responsive project outcomes.

Customer-Centric Solutions

We pride ourselves on a distinctive approach that sets us apart — we prioritize listening to our customers’ feedback to tailor solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Our commitment to customer-centricity is evident across our portfolio, where we engage with a diverse range of clients that includes various personalities and perspectives.

We understand that skepticism, overwhelm, and caution are common sentiments, but we thrive on working through these challenges with our clients. Our success lies in meeting customers where they are and actively involving them in the solution process. This collaborative approach not only transforms government but empowers our clients to be active participants in their own transformation journey.

Building trust is essential, which is why we establish a cadence of meetings from the outset. From initial discussions to launch day, we maintain open communication and adapt our strategies as needed. When challenges arise, we don’t just offer solutions; we become partners in success, developing cohesive plans to ensure our clients realize the full value of our services.


A Mission Driven Approach

LACE in Action


Defect Reduction Achieved

By employing SAFe standards and over-the-shoulder practices, we achieved an 80% reduction in production defects within one of our programs.


Agile Meeting Attendees

On a single contract, GovCIO coaches conducted Weekly Agile Meeting presentations for more than 10,000 team members.


Client Trainings Completed

GovCIO coaches delivered more than 300 training sessions and workshops to the product teams under a contract.

Building Trust is Essential

"Developing our process to meet our customers where they are, we've learned that education is a two-way street. Trust is crucial for progress and can't be rushed. Understanding the customer takes time and is essential for moving forward."

Brent Swartz
Senior Director of Agile Methodologies
US Capital Building

Powering Modern Government

GovCIO works to define the right strategy for your organization. We assess your products and services comprehensively to shape a clear path forward and deliver feasible solutions that generate sustained value.

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