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We maintain a collaborative culture that thrives on innovation. It’s only natural we blend our separate GovCIO branches (GovCIO and GovCIO Media & Research) to solve pressing government IT challenges.

Working from different angles, we work together to leverage each operations’ expertise and further government IT transformation and innovation.

Whether organizing robust discussion panels or implementing modern IT applications, we are with you every step of the way. Together, we create a top-notch team that can’t be beat.

A Mutual Goal to Transform Government IT

Amy Kluber, Editor-in-Chief, GovCIO Media & Research

Women Tech Leaders

Hear from leaders at the forefront of tackling some of the government’s most critical IT challenges and their impacts on the next generation of federal technologists.

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Health & Civilian
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CISA Model Helps FDA, CFPB in Zero Trust Journey

Agency leaders say that the Zero Trust Maturity Model has been valuable to learning implementation lessons.

Veteran & Enterprise Technology
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VA Pushes for Growth of Its AI-Capable Workforce This Year

The agency’s tech leadership wants to hire more IT staff, train more workers on AI and bring in more employees from the private sector.

National Security
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National Security Leaders Weigh Changing Cloud Needs Amid JWCC

National security leaders see shifting needs for cloud security amid largescale cloud modernization including DOD’s JWCC contract.

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