Foreign Military Sales

Better Preparing Our Allies to Defend Our Common Interests

GovCIO provides our Allied Nations with pioneering technical solutions and comprehensive training services to help build and fortify international security efforts.

Building the Capabilities to Strengthen Our International Security

GovCIO has an ever-expanding Foreign Military Sales (FMS) portfolio. We work hand-in-hand with the U.S. Department of Defense to assist U.S. Allied Nations around the globe, from South America to Eastern Europe, to Southwest Asia, providing services and support ranging from IT, cyber, and training support to the engineering and deployment of scalable, turnkey technical solutions.

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Why Work with GovCIO?

FMS Sales - David Fleming, GovCIO

"We bring a multi-tiered capability to each and every requirement...we bring a history of successful program execution and experience building capacity with partner nations through FMS."

David Fleming
VP, International Business Development

Training Partner Nations to Strengthen Our Military Coalitions

To help build out partner capabilities of our Saudi Arabian allies, the Navy brought on GovCIO to provide Saudi sailors with initial skills training, initial qualification training, and mission qualification training that ensures they have skills and experiences necessary to support a world-class Navy and complement U.S. tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Our Core Capabilities

As IT innovation rapidly grows and shifts, GovCIO helps our customers keep pace while maximizing the value of their legacy infrastructure and delivering uninterrupted support to users.

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GovCIO solidifies our customers’ security posture so they can confidently execute their mission, no matter what, or where, it is.

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GovCIO aligns our customers’ strategy and goals to their people, processes, technology, and data, closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

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