GovCIO Showcases Best Practices in AI-Centered Cybersecurity at National Defense University

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August 21, 2023  

Fairfax, VA – GovCIO’s SVP of National Security, Michael Dombrowski, took center stage at the recent National Defense University’s NESA seminar in Washington D.C. to shed light on best practices in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Dombrowski was joined by Professor Al Naqvi CEO of the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence.   

Dombrowski and Naqvi’s seminar focused on the intersection of AI and cybersecurity. Topics included the rise of cybersecurity threats in today’s digital era and AI’s ability to analyze vast data sets, predict threats, and automate responses.   

“In a world where cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, integrating AI into our cybersecurity strategies isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity. By sharing the U.S.’s best practices, we hope to pave the way for a more secure digital future for all,” said Dombrowski. “GovCIO is one of the few companies that are now at the cutting edge of integrating the two domains of AI and cybersecurity.”  

Attendees represented nearly 70% of the population of US-friendly nations, underlining the event’s immense global relevance and the vital role of AI in modern-day cybersecurity.   

“We are committed to creating solutions that protect our nation from cybersecurity threats,” said Jim Brabston, GovCIO CEO. “No matter what your national security mission is, GovCIO has the experienced resources and leading-edge solutions to empower mission success.”  

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