2024 Budget Breakdown – Top Tech Takeaways

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White House

A Tech Perspective

In tackling some of his major health care and defense priorities, in relation to tech, President Biden’s 2024 budget proposal emphasizes cybersecurity, AI, and health IT initiatives.

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Major Focuses

Renewed emphasis on fighting cybercrime
Developing and strengthening cyber and AI
Investing in IT modernization

Key Takeaways By Agency

DOD’s $842 billion request seeks funding for IT and electronic warfare capabilities, research and development activities and a focus on space capabilities for fiscal year 2024.

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DOE’s $52 billion will fund new technologies for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the energy sector’s cybersecurity and supporting energy communities.

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DOJ, Justice

$39.7 billion is proposed for DOJ, focused heavily on fighting off cybercriminals, cyber terrorists and malicious foreign cyber actors, who often rely on cryptocurrency for ransomware payments.

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The request for HHS comes in at $144 billion, focuses on  accelerating technologies for improved cancer detection and research, capabilities to respond faster to emerging public health threats and modernizing public health data systems.

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The $60.4 billion request seeks funds to improve border security between pots of entry, modernizing immigration services to help accelerate immigration processes and protecting national cyberspace.

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The total fiscal year 2024 request for the Department of Veterans Affairs is $325.1 billion to fund programs for veteran homelessness, suicide prevention, military exposures and modernizing infrastructure.

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