3 Reasons Why Internal Mobility Works

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Looking to propel your career forward? Explore the significance of investing in companies with robust internal mobility pathways with Anna Bianco, Director of Talent, and Andre Green, Vice President of Special Operations Support Solutions (SOSS) at GovCIO.

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Internal Mobility

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1. Internal mobility can raise retention and engagement.

Effectively implemented, an internal mobility strategy enables leaders to confront retention and engagement challenges directly. In environments where internal mobility is restricted, disengaged employees may view pursuing new job opportunities as their only option. Even if they appreciate the organizational culture and leadership, discontent with their current role may drive them to leave, resulting in the loss of valuable talent for the organization.

In environments that promote high internal mobility, employees experiencing role dissatisfaction have other options. These pathways to internal mobility can manifest through formal internal career programs or open discussions facilitated by HR.

Thanks to the internal mobility program cultivated at GovCIO, our success rate in placing individuals seeking internal mobility has surpassed 40%.

2. Internal mobility can result in cost savings.

Recruitment expenses can be substantial, with LinkedIn reporting in 2024 that replacing a single employee can cost up to twice their annual salary. This financial burden escalates for organizations lacking robust internal mobility, as each departure due to role outgrowth requires the expense of hiring and onboarding new staff. Investing in internal mobility programs not only retains talent but also yields significant cost savings over time.

Implementing rotational programs, though initially costly, can prove invaluable, as they not only provide employees with diverse experiences but also cultivate a pool of skilled professionals who may return to lead their own teams in the future, ultimately reducing turnover expenses and enhancing organizational resilience.

Internal Mobility at GovCIO

"I retired from the Navy in 2010, unsure of what I was going to do next. I started off essentially from the bottom as a technician and worked my way into senior leadership. So internal mobility definitely works."

Andre Green
Vice President of Special Operations Support Solutions at GovCIO

3. Internal mobility can promote collaboration and creativity.

In today’s competitive labor market, fostering a strong workplace culture is paramount to business success, with internal mobility serving as a crucial pillar. Despite the perception that employees may feel increasingly valued, recent data reports reveal otherwise, citing not feeling valued by their organization or manager, and lacking a sense of belonging as top factors driving employee turnover.

By facilitating opportunities for employees to explore new interests and develop skills internally, organizations not only demonstrate their investment in their workforce but also cultivate a sense of appreciation and belonging among employees. Investing in internal career programs and promoting internal hiring creates an environment where employees feel supported to chart new career paths. This proactive approach to talent development not only strengthens employee engagement and retention but also contributes to fostering a vibrant workplace culture.

As businesses navigate the landscape of 2024, prioritizing internal mobility initiatives can yield numerous benefits, from enhancing employee engagement and retention to optimizing budgets and enriching workplace culture.

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Transforming Talent Series

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