A Tribute to GovCIO Mothers, Part 1

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As we celebrate Mother’s Day, members of the GovCIO team reflect on how they’ve woven together their roles as mothers with their career.

Spotlight on Ashley Olayanju

GovCIO Creative Director

First up, Ashley, a new mom to her 11-month old son Idris, shares with us her experiences as a new working mom, how she balances her roles, and the advice she’d give to other new moms.


How can others support working moms?

Having a great support system at home and at work helps immensely. I’m thankful my team was very cognizant of my life adjustment after having my son, allowing me to ease back into my work schedule, frequently checking in, sending words of encouragement, and showing interest in my son — all these things helped make the process of returning to work so much better. If conflicts with childcare or appointments arise, my team is understanding and accommodating and allow me the flexibility to care for my family first.

What pressures do you feel as a working mom?

As a new mom, getting acclimated to work life with a newborn was no easy task. Working after caring for my son exclusively after 3 months seemed like I was on another planet – but getting back to work was exciting & important to me.

I also don’t think I’ve ever had so much FOMO (fear of missing out) as I do now as a working mom. The thoughts of, “Am I keeping up at work?” and/or “Am I missing out on key moments (first word, first step, etc.) with my child are always conflicting pressures.

What is the best parenting advice to give to other working moms?

It’s a balancing act. I’m a huge proponent of work/life balance & having a child makes this an even more important aspect for my family.

I’ll always remember a team member on one of my first meetings back to work postpartum saying, “Work can wait, but time with your kids doesn’t. Never work late when you could be with them.”

Managing & prioritizing how you use your time becomes something that is even more important  — find routines and/or styles that work best for you.

Do you think it is easier or harder to be a working mom now?

Being a caregiver isn’t easy, but it is the most rewarding work. Today, with technology, via apps, videos and cameras, these tools all help you feel connected with your child even when you are away. The ability to see videos, photos and updates on them when you are apart is such a great thing and allows children to grow and gain their independence while still allowing parents to be a part of their day.

What words come to mind when you think about being a working mom?

Dedication, pride, master juggler, superhero!