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Honoring Women's History Month with Inspiring Stories

As we commemorate Women’s History Month, GovCIO is thrilled to shine a spotlight on the outstanding #WomenOfGovCIO who have been nominated for their contributions and achievements.

These remarkable women exemplify innovation, leadership, and resilience, leaving lasting impressions both within GovCIO and beyond. With their unwavering dedication and notable achievements, they inspire us all to reach new heights and break barriers.

Join us in recognizing and celebrating these extraordinary women who continue to shape history and pave the way for future generations.

Linda Treffinger

“Linda is the most pragmatic, no nonsense, supportive manager. She exemplifies GovCIO values and works constantly to ensure the client’s needs are met. Linda is an amazing person.”

– Jennifer Czajkowski, GovCIO Program Manager

Linda Treffinger, VETPS Program Director

Linda became part of the GovCIO team in July 2021, bringing over three decades of experience as a contractor with the Department of Defense. Drawn to GovCIO by the opportunity for remote work, Linda was pleasantly surprised by the strong representation of women in senior leadership positions—a refreshing change from the male-dominated environment she was accustomed to.

Initially joining as Deputy Director for Technology Incubation Services (TIS), Linda quickly rose to the role of Director within a month. Her responsibilities expanded further when she transitioned to Director for the Veterans Experience Technical Platform Services (VETPS) contract, where she finds great fulfillment in delivering vital services to veterans, a cause that holds personal significance due to her spouse’s Army background.

Linda’s leadership philosophy revolves around empowerment, creating a supportive and familial team environment for over 150 staff members. Beyond achieving corporate objectives, Linda prioritizes the well-being and happiness of her team, believing that true success lies in their fulfillment.

Outside of work, Linda is passionate about sports. Having retired from refereeing high school basketball and field hockey after 30 years, she now enjoys golf, pickleball, fishing, and kayaking. A supporter of various sports teams, Lisa believes in celebrating Women’s History Month to honor the trailblazers who paved the way for future generations.

Kitty Hauk

“Kitty’s presence shines at work, home, in the community, and within her friendships.”

– Lisa Lopez, GovCIO Instructional Developer

Kitty Hauk, Director of Education & Training Defense Training Solutions

Starting her career in Education and Training with GovCIO, Kitty began as a Level 1 Instructional Developer at GovCIO in 2019. As task orders were subsequently awarded, she was trusted to move into a lead developer role, then later a functional management role for a team. From there, the team’s reputation paved the way for additional task orders and contracts, leading Kitty to grow into a program management role, and now a Program Director. Kitty states that she certainly would not be where she is today if it were not for the phenomenal staff working to ensure their client’s needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Having served in the US Navy, Kitty has a keen understanding and vested interest in national security. Her teams are not only responsible for delivering high-quality training but also best-in-class so that they and their allies can remain safe and free – it is the greatest honor and a humbling responsibility to know that what they deliver impacts the safety of the nation and loved ones.

Outside of work, Kitty is fortunate to be a founding board member for Gulf Coast MilConnect, a nonprofit organization that connects veterans, active duty, and reserve service members along with their families with local resources to help them transition to civilian life.

Kitty is also involved with animal rescue and has volunteered for almost 20 years – recently becoming involved with Pensacola Foster Kittens, a foster-based cat rescue committed to helping cats and kittens in NW Florida by bringing general education, increasing access to low-cost spay, neuter, and TNR programs. Her family also fosters kittens seasonally in addition to organizing and participating in adoption events. Kitty likes to say that if you love kittens, it’s like hitting the “kitten jackpot” because you can have kittens in your home as much as you like!

Kitty believes that furthering the mission of women’s rights is not a seasonal task but rather something that is done daily in actions. Understanding the history of women in America and around the world helps everyone to understand how far we have come, but also how far we still have to go.

Tara Gaspar

“Tara is not only a great leader, mentor, and friend, but is an all-around amazing woman. She embodies every aspect I would attribute to a female role model. Tara is big on female empowerment and women supporting other women. She has been instrumental to my career and the careers of other women.”

– GovCIO Project Manager, Aubrey Parks

Tara Gaspar, Senior Program Manager

Tara’s journey to her current role has been an interesting one. Tara started at the VA’s Financial Services Center as a project scheduler in 2015, and her journey with GovCIO began from there. She has held positions such as Project Scheduler, Service Delivery Lead, Deputy Program Manager, and Program Manager on contracts such as Financial Services Center (FSC) Development contract, Compensation and Pension Record Interchange (CAPRI), The Image Management System (TIMS), and Office of the Inspector General Enterprise Management System (OIG EMS). Currently, she holds the position of Senior Program Manager on the HTMS contract, managing the Health Portfolio Intake Initiative. Through multiple positions and contracts, she has had the privilege to work alongside some wonderful mentors and has learned a great deal about the consulting world, growing as a leader along the way.

A lover of live music, Tara and her boyfriend travel quite frequently to concerts. They have a circle of dear friends from Florida to Minnesota, down to Louisiana and Texas, and everywhere in between. They enjoy the weekends they get to spend together, under the stars, singing at the top of their lungs with one another. When they are home, they relish spending time out on their houseboat on Lake Waco with their dog Jack-Jack, whom they consider the best boy in the world.

Tara’s motivation lies in setting an example for her stepson, ensuring he understands the value of hard work. She cherishes the moments spent laughing with those she loves, and finds nothing more enjoyable than sitting around and laughing with loved ones.

Tara works diligently to support other women and strives to celebrate and uplift them every day. She has also initiated a monthly GovCIO Women in IT meeting that encourages women to collaborate, share stories, journeys, and advice from their experiences in the field. Recognizing the remarkable achievements of the women who paved the way before her, she understands the importance of continuing to forge paths for herself and her peers, knowing that they, in turn, will pave the way for future generations.

Serena Billmayer

“Serena is a versatile team member and multidisciplinary person. Aside from her duties with GovCIO, she is a real estate professional with over 22 years of experience, a long time member of her local Toastmasters International, and was recently asked to be a contributing author for a real estate book!”

Lisa Lopez, GovCIO Instructional Developer

Serena Billmayer, Instructional Systems Specialist

Serena has navigated through various industries, with training and development consistently at the core of her professional journey. As an Instructional Developer for GovCIO, this focal point has driven her to attain 10+ certifications from esteemed organizations, including the Association for Talent Development, the American Management Association, Dale Carnegie, and others.

In commemorating Women in History Month, Serena finds it crucial to acknowledge the significant contributions of women, not only in the US but also globally. A poignant example is Malala Yousafzai. In 2012, at the age of 15, Malala survived a Taliban attack aimed at thwarting her pursuit of education. In her compelling 2016 speech at the UN, Malala declared, “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” Serena finds Malala’s unwavering courage, resilience, and dedication to education to be an enduring source of inspiration for anyone aspiring to learn and grow.