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The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is an independent, nonpartisan legislative branch agency that works for Congress, generally at the request of congressional committees or subcommittees or as mandated by public laws. GAO’s work often leads to laws and acts that improve government operations, saving the government and taxpayers billions of dollars. The GAO Information Systems and Technology Services (ISTS) office seeks to provide high-quality IT services that securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively support the delivery of timely and accurate information to GAO, Congress, and the American people.

GAO ISTS has a comprehensive architecture and infrastructure that supports their headquarters and 11 field offices, including more than 500 non-virtual Windows and Linux servers, 160 virtual servers, 3,400 virtual desktops, a hyper-converged Nutanix server/storage solution with 100 TBs of capacity, a 60 TB EMC storage area network, and 10 virtual private networks (VPNs). This architecture and infrastructure support over 75 business applications, from custom to end-user-developed to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), government-off-the-shelf (GOTS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products.

Understanding The Need

GAO ISTS wanted to transform its IT service and application delivery capabilities to better meet evolving mission needs and create a more predictable IT operating budget. It required a contracting team who could drive this transformation across its IT enterprise, which supports 3,200+ GAO and 100,000+ public end users. Key objectives included:

  • Improving overall IT performance.
  • Increasing its flexibility to evolve services as internal and external user needs change.
  • Improving security capabilities.
  • Adopting an automated DevSecOps model to boost speed-to-delivery for new capabilities.
  • Realizing the benefits of migrating applications to the cloud.
  • Reducing major budget outlays.
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Increased customer satisfaction rate.
Decreased reported application defects.
Improved successful service desk call handling.

GovCIO’s Solution

Since 2019, GovCIO’ (formerly Salient CRGT) has delivered high-quality services to GAO’s ISTS office. Over 100 GovCIO IT professionals help architect, operate, and secure GAO’s enterprise network and hardware infrastructure, data centers, telecommunications systems, and business applications while transforming its development, enhancement, and enterprise service management to an Agile/DevSecOps model.

Bringing a clear vision of the future and flexible and collaborative work style, our team of experts effectively engaged GAO, first creating a transformation roadmap and comprehensive enterprise-wide IT strategy that has proven effective, efficient, cost-effective, secure, and highly reliable.

Managed Services

Application Modernization

DevSecOps Transformation

Transition to Telework Model

Customer Praise for GovCIO

"We had high hopes for using ServiceNow to help manage our projects and operations. It has exceeded even these expectations. We are very happy with the progress and data that we can get out of it to help with our project schedules, planning, and budgeting,"

Customer Program Representative


By partnering with GAO and tailoring our proven, agile, and flexible methods to GAO’s mission objectives, GovCIO has successfully shifted GAO ISTS to new ways of working, transforming how GAO ISTS operates and executes its enterprise mission. GAO ISTS resources can now focus more on product line mission activities, improvements, and forward-looking outcomes- with GovCIO helping to continuously improve end-user services and capabilities.

Managed Services Implementation

DevSecOps Transformation and Application Modernization

Transition to Telework Model