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In a time when both the operational demands placed upon our Armed Forces and threats to national security are increasing exponentially, having access to advanced IT solutions and highly skilled resources is more important than ever. Moreover, given the size and complexity of military operations, these IT solutions and resources must consistently deliver reliable, rapid, accountable, and flexible global response capabilities. 

The Department of Defense (DoD) established the SANDBAR contract to support itself and its interagency partners across a broad range of technical engineering services to help enhance existing operations, networks, and infrastructure. It seeks to offer an agile path forward for sustaining and improving specialized IT and lifecycle system support, regardless of CONUS or OCONUS location, operational timelines, or complexities in logistical considerations. 

Understanding the Need

Through SANDBAR, DoD sought the services of an industry partner that could:

  • Maintain, sustain, and oversee systems and provide advanced technical expertise.
  • Expand system and network architectures.
  • Extend the architecture across service components.
  • Create and expand new technologies and configurations for new mission requirements.
  • Improve and harden  system architectures and technologies.
  • Update the command-and-control components.
  • Provide specialized acquisition support for hardware and software from vendors.
  • Integrate and test new technologies.
  • Provide system and technology training.
DoD and Interagency partners supported.
Users serviced across 15 networks.
Reduction in data center footprint.

Meet Our SANDBAR Leadership

Rodney Turner, GovCIO Vice President of SANDBAR Operations

Our Solution

GovCIO applies a responsive delivery approach that combines a collaborative leadership culture, sufficient scale, and easy access to leading technical professionals to execute SANDBAR tasks. Using this approach, over 150 TS/SCI cleared GovCIO personnel successfully provide diverse and geographically dispersed systems engineering services for DoD and Intelligence Community (IC) customers at 32 CONUS and OCONUS locations. 

GovCIO delivers the expertise DoD and IC customers need to enhance their current operations and position them to be future-ready organizations by using automation, improving user experience, ensuring anytime /anywhere connectivity, reducing cyber risk, and increasing cost-efficiency.

Systems Engineering

IT Network and Infrastructure

Service Desk and Field Support

Cyber Security

System Testing

Hear From Our SANDBAR Experts


Across SANDBAR, GovCIO SMEs and staff deliver on 33 concurrent cybersecurity technology and engineering projects for 39 DoD and interagency partners. We support 10,000+ users across multiple environments, including UNCLASS, SIPR, Top Secret (TS)/SCI, Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN), and Secure DREN (SDREN) CONUS and OCONUS, with tens of thousands of connected operational assets. Some of the most notable actions we’ve supported for SANDBAR customers include:

  • Establishing a Cryptologic Innovation Team to identify requirements, develop solutions, and modernize existing systems to support cryptologic challenges at the AF Service Cryptologic Center.
  • Reducing the data center footprint by 33% while providing the same level of services through our development and integration efforts.
  • Developing SolarWinds threat emulation TTP to train cyber defenders to successfully defend networks. The effort, lauded by the Commander of US Cyber Command and Commander of Air Combat Command, transformed the DoD model for tactics development.
  • Implementing automated ServiceNow service desk capabilities to significantly reduce response times as requests are automatically routed to the correct support team, limiting manual assignment.
  • Designing, developing, and delivering Deployable Intelligence Combat Employment (DICE) kits to warfighters using the JWICS enterprise network.
  • Providing intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (beyond line-of-sight and over the horizon) operational support to distributed global areas of operations.

Learn More About SANDBAR Opps.

GovCIO’s SANDBAR vehicle provides military customers with an easy-to-use and rapid acquisition path to gain access high quality IT and cyber services.

If your agency/office is interested in learning more about how it can use SANDBAR to meet mission needs, or your company thinks it may be a good partner for SANDBAR, please click to contact us or reach out directly to Michael Dombrowski, SVP of Growth and Technology for our National Security Sector at [email protected].

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