SAFe Day Government Spotlight: How to Make Agile Stick

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In the lead up to the 2023 SAFe Day – Government conference, GovCIO SAFe experts Saajan Panikar and Brent Swartz sat down to discuss organizational requirements for successful Agile transformations.


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1. Leadership Conditions that Fuel Successful Agile Transformations

“Whatever your leadership is, they have to be aware of their process in the transformation… This is something that leadership has to be effectively engaged in from the beginning and they have an active role that they have to play in any successful transformation.”

Head shots of two GovCIO Agile scaled experts Saajan Panikar and Brent Swartz

2. How to Build Sustainable Agile Teams

“As leadership, or as part of the team, you have to actively take a role in removing barriers. You also have to teach them how to be successful within their roles and then…you have to generate short term wins for the team.”

3. Other Factors that Enable Agile Success

“Really, it’s empowering the team to make these changes themself. ..It’s about instilling this mindset of relentless improvement and continuous education/ continuous learning, as well as allowing teams to realize a lot of the time they can take steps to change their own world.”

Learn More About GovCIO's SAFe Experts

Brent Swartz, GovCIOBrent Swartz (Certified SAFe 5 Program Consultant, SAFe SPC, CSM), GovCIO Senior Director of Agile Methodologies: Brent Swartz brings over a decade of business, technical, and project-management experience helping to advance numerous missions for the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense.  Applying the business and technical principles, values, and benefits of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Brent helps GovCIO customers implement Agile business processes to scale success.

Saajan Panikar, GovCIOSaajan Panikar (Certified SAFe 6 Practice Consultant, Certified SAFe 5 Lean Portfolio Manager), GovCIO Enterprise Transformation Coach and Agile Program Manager: Saajan Panikar is an seasoned Agile and SAFe professional with over a decade of experience applying Agile methodologies across the public and private sectors. Throughout Saajan’s career, he has successfully led Agile and Enterprise Transformations for a diverse set of clients, most recently leading the Department of Veteran’s Affairs through an Agile Transformation to better serve our nation’s veterans.