• Query

    Voyager Query offers law enforcement officials immediate access to critical criminal justice data, using its nationwide Cloud-based infrastructure to obtain critical Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliant data over any wireless data network.

    Voyager Products - Query - text says "Secure, real time access to criminal justice data."
  • Victim Notification

    Voyager Victim Notification allows law enforcement officials to complete traditionally paper-based victim forms using a smartphone or tablet.

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  • Atlas

    Voyager Atlas and its related applications, elaborated below, place your organization’s situational awareness mission into the hands of your mobile workforce. By providing a 360┬░ view of system activity on an edge-to-edge map, Atlas gives users the data they need to make critical decisions quickly.

    Voyager Products - Atlas. Orange and blue blocks of color with white and light blue text that says "Users can trigger an emergency function."
  • Command Tracker

    Command Tracker provides Motorola GPS-enabled radios with flexible and easy-to-implement personnel incident and asset management capabilities.

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  • Insight

    The Insight application provides users with web-based real-time situational awareness and management capabilities.

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  • EDOC

    EDOC takes situational awareness to a whole new level by blending the edge-to-edge map display of Atlas with precise in-building location sharing.

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    Voyager Products - eDOC. Split screen image. On the left an overhead aerial map of streets with numbers marking each building. On the right, a block of blue with the text "Notifications can be configured at Beacn Check-Ins."
  • SAFE

    Using SAFE, our customers can provide the resources responsible for the safety and security of students, employees, VIPs, and others with vital tools for securing campuses, buildings and other locations and protecting the populations within, all from their smartphones.

    Voyager Products - SAFE. Split screen image. On the left, a mobile app page with nine icons for different situations like 'fire'. On the right, a blue block with text that says "Up to 9 different notification or emergencies are configurable."
  • Parking Violations

    Customers can use our enterprise server to connect city and private parking providers with DMV and public data sources.

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Voyager Products by Customer Base

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Federal Services

For over 15 years law enforcement divisions across federal agencies and military installations have relied on GovCIO mobile products to assist with their critical missions. Whether securely accessing systems for criminal justice information, tracking locations of users carrying mobile radios, or using location technology for command and control, GovCIO’s line of Voyager mobile applications meet the demands.

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Commercial and Education Services

The Voyager SAFE and Voyager Atlas applications serve as cost effective logistics management solutions for any organization regardless of size. These cloud-based services and mobile applications, which support all device types, combine location data with additional attributes to create a 360 degree view of an organization’s mobile workforce. By placing the data in the hands of the users, organizations can more effectively manage their teams, saving valuable resources all around.

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Local Law Enforcement Services

Voyager Query, an iOS and Android application, provides law enforcement organizations with secured access to state and federal criminal justice information systems. It delivers self-service capabilities to users, so they can obtain needed data immediately, rather than queuing requests through a single desk resource or returning to a vehicle mounted computer. Voyager Query is an excellent complement to existing technology, especially for officers on foot, on bikes, or using other modes of non-vehicle based transportation.

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    Voyager Support

    If you need assistance with any of our Voyager suite products, please reach out to our team for additional information.

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