New Job, Same Mission

Continue to serve, even after trading in your military uniform for civilian clothes.

Transitioning Military and Veterans bring invaluable experiences, leadership skills, and unique perspectives to teams everywhere. GovCIO is proud to partner with Veterans to not only continue to protect and defend our nation, but also to  build a better tomorrow for the Veteran community.

Invested in Veterans

“Fundamentally GovCIO invests in its people all the way around. We love having about a third of our company be veterans because it relates to our customers and the critical missions that they do…I find that GovCIO really leans forward in doing everything they can to support the veterans.”

John Anderson
NSS Sector President

Join the Veterans Integration Team

Help GovCIO Better Serve the Veteran Community

The Veterans Integration Team (VIT) program is a space for Veterans to come together and voice their ideas, share their knowledge, and collaborate on projects that warrant change where they need it most. Participants’ first-hand experience is vital to testing Veteran-facing applications, discussing pressing issues, and analyzing policy changes that will impact the Veteran community.

We are actively recruiting Veterans to serve as on-call employees for the VIT. All VIT members are eligible and encouraged to apply for full-time employment with GovCIO.

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