5 Inspiring GovCIO Dads

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As we celebrate Father’s Day, members of the GovCIO team reflect on the significance of this day and how their role as a parent has influenced their lives and careers.

GovCIO Training Manager

Dustin Ford

“Father’s Day is a reminder of the importance we play in our children’s lives and, ultimately, in the lives of those in their social circles. Like a well-tended tree, we support their roots, pruning and guiding their phases of growth while witnessing their unique impact on those around them. (Dad joke incoming) I woodn’t trade it for anything.”

John Anderson

GovCIO Sector President, National Security Services

“A Dad is a lifetime love story of unconditional support for your kids.  Always providing encouragement for them to do what makes them happy, as well as coaching/teaching to ensure they will be responsible citizens (caring for things bigger than them and consideration of others).  For me, being present and involved in their lives, like coaching their sports teams and spending time with them, has been my favorite.  The biggest reward for me has been watching their professional and personal successes, but more importantly, hearing them laugh. My favorite part of being a dad is hearing them laugh and just watching them on their life journey – nothing better than that. I’m a lucky dad (and pop-pop)!”

GovCIO Recruiter

Kris Peters

“Being the oldest of 4 kids, I knew as a young man that I wanted a big family. Father’s Day to me is a day of reflection on all of the father’s who have influenced me throughout my life and shaped the father that I am.  Father’s Day is an annual reminder that the dreams of our youth can come true.”

Matt May

GovCIO Vice President of Finance

“Father’s Day is all about making those lasting memories that I made with my dad with my own kids. Hopefully when they are older, they will look back fondly on those memories (like I know I do) and want to make them with their own kids!”

GovCIO Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Tim Cox

“Father’s Day is a time of appreciation for my dad; the lessons and experiences he provided and his military service and the impact it has had on my life. I also reflect on my own fatherhood journey with my 5 and 1 years olds and baby #3 on the way. Raising good kids is the hardest and best thing I’ll ever do in my life.”

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