A Tribute to GovCIO Fathers, Part 2

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What Father's Day Means to GovCIO Dad, Scott Hartigan

As we celebrate Father’s Day, Scott Hartigan, GovCIO Director of Operations, reflects on what this day means to him and the influence that fatherhood has had on his life – and career.

The Most Rewarding, Terrifying, Funniest Rollercoaster of My Life

What does Father’s Day mean to me? Well, as the father of a perpetually hungry 17-year-old who seems to have a part-time job emptying the fridge, and a 19-year-old college student who believes the Bank of Dad is always open for business, I’d say Father’s Day is my annual reminder of why I should keep my day job.

All jokes aside, Father’s Day to me is a chance to remember that raising these two has been the most rewarding, terrifying, and funniest roller coaster ride of my life. It’s the day I get handmade cards and quirky gifts that remind me how much they’ve grown, yet inside, they’re still my little ones. It’s a celebration of all those dad jokes I’ve delivered, and they’ve groaned at, the driving lessons that aged me ten years, and those life talks that usually ended with a “Yeah, sure Dad.”

So, in a nutshell, Father’s Day to me means stepping back, looking at these two remarkable, maddening, hilarious humans I have had a hand in shaping, and realizing that despite the graying hair and empty wallet, I wouldn’t trade being their dad for anything.

It also means I’ll be cooking steaks and ribs on the grill, but NOT washing the dishes!

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