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As we celebrate Father’s Day, members of the GovCIO team reflect on the significance of this day and how their role as a parent has influenced their lives and careers.

What Does Father's Day Mean to You?

Celebrating GovCIO Dads

Business Analyst

Lesandro Santiago

"It is important to recognize fathers that are not only parenting their children, but are engaging, mentoring, participating and guiding their children to be successful members of society and to continue example of what you taught them growing up."
Business Intelligence Consultant

Michael Goman

"Growing up without a father, Father's Day is a very special day for me. Having a family has given meaning to everything I have done in my career. Without my wife and kids, I cannot imagine feeling as fulfilled. I don't even want to try to think of what my life would be like without my family, every sacrifice I ever made has been repaid many times over."
Program Manager

Albert Conte

"It means having my daughters and sons with me for the day sharing memories of family times and our lives together. It also means spending some time with my dad reminiscing about the same family times and experiences and remembering my grandfathers and great grandfather who were instrumental in teaching me things in my life."

"Even though he has been gone for most of my adult life, my father still influences my actions daily. I like to take a moment to remember those positive examples and make a conscious decision to mimic those for my family."

Edward (Alan) Perry
Senior Operations Manager

"It's tough. Father's Day means to me memories of the great times we shared, tinged with the reality that the future is not guaranteed. It is a bitter-sweet reminder not to trade in today for a tomorrow that may never be."

Eliot Steele
Senior Account Manager
Vice President of Growth & Technology

David Fleming

"Father’s Day has a dual meaning for me. First, it’s a day for me to reflect on the impact, the example, the love, and unwavering support which I’ve received from my father from my first day, until his last day with us. Second, I capitalize on the opportunity to spend time with my son who by his own example has become an incredible young man, and who fortunately for me loves me in very much the way I love my father. It’s one of the most special days of the year for me as a father."

Daniel Santistevan

"To be an engaged Father is being present in your children's lives, nurturing their young minds to learn the wonders of the world through their eyes and to participate in several aspects of their lives."

Ryan McNally

"Father's Day is a reminder of the honor and privilege I have of raising my daughter, Aaliyah. Each day is a new opportunity to learn how to grow as a parent and guide her, and each day she surprises me with how smart, brave, and curious she is. Father's Day to me is a day of reflection of gratitude and a celebration of the new life she gave me when she was born. Fathers are supposed to "make the rules" on that day, but since all I want to do is make her happy, she gets to choose what we do for the day. As long as the family does it together. "

"To me, Father's Day represents the recognition of a vital role in the development, training, character-building, love, and reverence of the next generation. Father's Day represents the recognition of a tough but necessary role. Father's Day represents dying to oneself to preserve, protect, and deploy the future!"

Warren Bricker
Program Manager

"Father's Day is a time of reflection, remembrance and celebration. I take this time to reflect on the positive influence that I received from my Dad and I celebrate being a Father and the blessing it is for me. Becoming a Father changed me and I wouldn't want life any other way. Without my Father being the role model in my life I don't know where I would be today. We all can become a Father but it takes a real man to be a Dad."

Jason Wood
Project Manager

"Father's Day is a great reminder of why being a father is my favorite titles and role in life. Out of everything else I've been, being a dad is the greatest. And my kids' appreciation and excitement when they plan something is a beautiful reminder of my duties and efforts."

Hosny Roushdi
Agile/DevOps Coach
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Timothy Cox

"Father's Day is a few things to me. First, it's a chance to celebrate my dad, who is an Army Vet and served by VA. Secondly though, I am a dad of 2 little angels, so it's a chance to reflect on what it is to be "their dad" in a crazy world. What is important to teach them, what is important to let them learn on their own, etc. I will say, Fatherhood, above all other titles, is the best. You don't know till you know, but it's truly all that matters in life. The greatest impact we can have on the world is through our kids...your bloodline is your legacy, and you should want the best for them always, in all ways."
Proposal Analyst

Michael Waters

"Father's Day represents the passage of time and passage of lessons from my father to me, and now from me to my daughter. It's a time to reflect on the things that I hold dear and hope to pass onto my daughter as meaningful, and it's also a reminder of how grateful I am for my wife who gave me such an amazing little girl. Father's Day carries the shining moments that have endured through dark or difficult times and an assurance that hardships are just hurdles overcome by love, courage, and family. It's a time to slow down, reflect, and appreciate that what we have and is actually enough, while also dreaming for our children and family's future. While Father's Day reminds us of the passage of time and passage of lessons, it also reminds us to slow down, and enjoy our family and the time we have with them.
Project Manager

Kevin Burton

"To me, it is a day of reflection for myself. Where I am as a father now, where I was, and how to be better going forward. I also reflect on my dad, who passed away 19 years ago, on his stages of life as I noticed growing up. Take a few moments to recognize the things I was wrong about as young person and try to understand the different perspectives we had at the time. My father was my hero, and I did not truly understand how much he imparted on me until later on in life. Perspective opens a entire new world of thinking if you allow yourself to be open and understanding to it. Take the time during Father's Day to do just that."

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