A Tribute to GovCIO Mothers, Part 3

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As we celebrate Mother’s Day, members of the GovCIO team reflect on how they’ve woven together their roles as mothers with their career.

Spotlight on Kara Ciprich

GovCIO Program Team Manager

Kara Ciprich, mom of four, shares with us how she balances her roles as a parent and a professional — and the advice she’d give to other moms.

How can others support working moms?

Mom’s are amazing at juggling everything, especially schedules. However, sometimes we need a minute to figure it all out. Patience is key because even though we may not know right away how to “work it all out” you can be certain we will figure out how to get 4 kids to 5 activities in 2 counties, while simultaneously making sure they are fed and our work inbox is empty.

What pressures do you feel as a working mom?

The biggest pressure is maintaining a healthy work/life balance and making sure to find time for my own mental break.  When you go from the bus stop straight to your first meeting, then go nonstop all day for work only to close your laptop and go straight to making dinner and drive kids to activities it can be hard to remember make sure you stop and breathe.

What is the best parenting advice to give to other working moms?

Breathe, just breathe.  You will be overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, and at your wits end but you are amazing and will make it through. On days when you think you may not make it to bedtime it’s okay to give your kids a giant hug and send them to bed 20 minutes early so you sneak ice cream for yourself.

Do you think it is easier or harder to be a working mom now?

I think it’s harder to be a working mom when your kids are older.  We do so much running around to school concerts, practices, and rehearsals.  I miss when my day ended and I picked up my kids from daycare to go home and draw chalk pictures on the sidewalk.

What words come to mind when you think about being a working mom?

Miracle worker! Somehow, some way, you figure out all the things and make it through.


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