Celebrating Mother’s Day at GovCIO

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Juggling both career responsibilities and the joys of parenthood is both motivating and demanding. Within GovCIO, we take immense pride in the numerous working mothers who not only excel as valuable contributors and leaders for our clients but most importantly within their families. This Mother’s Day, our team members take a moment to reflect on how they’ve woven together their roles as mothers with their career.

Spotlight on Nichole Hahn

GovCIO Chief Human Resources Officer


Being a working mom has been a journey filled with chaos, overwhelm, and occasional guilt for Nichole. Despite her love for her career, she often wrestled with feelings of inadequacy, worrying she wasn’t doing or being enough for her daughters. However, beneath the stress, there was a deep sense of fulfillment knowing she was thriving in her professional life and serving as a role model for her girls.

As her youngest prepares to graduate and her oldest continues her college journey, Nichole finally feels a sense of relief. While she may have missed some school events, she’s grateful for the example she’s set for her daughters and the aspirations they now hold.

Outside of work, Nichole prioritizes spending time with her family, friends, and beloved dogs, as well as volunteering at the Friends of Homeless Animal Shelter in Aldie, VA. She enjoys staying active through workouts and golfing, but above all, she cherishes being present in the moment, focusing less on the past or future and more on enjoying the present.

Her “why” has evolved from personal satisfaction to creating a vision for her daughters, showing them that success and happiness are achievable through self-reliance and determination.

"I love my career and what I do but struggled because of the constant worry of not being enough, not doing enough or being present enough for my girls. But deep down, I was thrilled to be thriving in business and showing my daughters what an independent, happy mom looked like."

Nichole Hahn
Chief Human Resources Officer

Spotlight on April Rosas

GovCIO Recruiter for National Security Sector

The experience of being a working mom was one of pure grit to balance professional responsibilities alongside the joys and challenges of motherhood. For April, Mother’s Day is a moment to pause and cherish the memories created with her family, appreciating the journey they’ve shared.

Outside of work, April embraces various activities that bring her joy and relaxation. She enjoys thrift shopping, exploring farmers markets, discovering new coffee shops or restaurants, tending to her garden, and spending quality time with her family on weekends.

When asked about her “why,” April’s answer is deeply rooted in her daughters. She sees everything she does as a reflection of her unwavering love and commitment to them. Just as her own mother provided strength, comfort, and unconditional love, April strives to do the same for her daughters, hoping they’ll carry on the tradition in their own future families.

"It takes real grit and grace to be a working mom. Strong women raise strong women, and this is my proudest accomplishment."

April Rosas
GovCIO Recruiter for National Security Sector

Spotlight on Diana Lee

GovCIO Recruiter for National Security Sector


To Diana, Mother’s Day embodies a celebration of gratitude, providing a moment to reflect and recognize the immense sacrifices and love that mothers have given throughout the years. She cherishes the opportunity to both give and receive love on this special day.

Her “why” is crystal clear – her three boys. Everything Diana does is motivated by her deep love and commitment to them. Whether it’s the daily tasks of parenting or pursuing her own goals and dreams, her boys remain at the forefront of her mind and heart.

"Mother's Day isn't just about flowers and cards—it's about celebrating the remarkable journey of working moms, like myself. It's a day to cherish the delicate balance between career and family, and to acknowledge the strength and love that binds us all together."

Diana Lee
GovCIO Recruiter for National Security Sector

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