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Architecture Services

Build enterprises that continually deliver value and adapt to optimize your organization’s performance.

Innovate Without Constraints

Your enterprise requires consistent, intuitive architectural foundations. However, the rapid expansion of technologies and shift from monolithic systems have created a need for more flexible, data-driven, and pragmatic architectures.

To get you to succeed in a world where drivers such as digitalization and agility dictate success, GovCIO implements modern architectural approaches. This includes microservices, API-first, open standards, and the inter-organizational collaboration you need to thrive.

Working with you and your stakeholders, our architects strategize future state architectures to best meet your needs while iteratively addressing gaps. We align your priorities, capabilities, and business goals, reducing IT complexity and cost while helping you scale quickly to meet evolving requirements.

GovCIO Architects...

are customer centric

GovCIO proactively works to understand your unique mission and goals and how we can build an architecture that best works for you.

embrace agility

GovCIO builds solutions that can adapt to change. We balance risk-taking with risk mitigation to support innovation, all while ensuring compliance and optimizing cost.

break organizational silos

We bring together stakeholders from across your enterprise to understand the full scope of your need. We collaboratively innovate on operational models, products, and services to create value for your organization.

are forward-thinking

Our teams don’t only plan for what you need now, but also account for what you’ll need in the future to continue delivering value. Our architects provide scalable architectures, processes, and delivery methods to meet your growing demand.

are always improving

We continually evaluate the relevancy and functional efficacy of implemented architectures and look for ways to improve to best serve your organization.

keep current

GovCIO uses our Media & Research organization to stay up-to-date with innovations and industry trends and gain insight for thought leaders, analyzing developments that may impact your business.

Our Capabilities

Architecture Strategy

Data Architecture

System And Application Architecture

Integration And Interoperability

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Optimizing how VA OIT Delivers Enterprise Products

VA’s Office of Information and Technology (OIT) is in the middle of the most significant transformation in its history; OIT’s Veteran Experience Services (VES) portfolio is essential to its modernization. GovCIO serves as a dedicated partner to VES, providing thought leadership and expertise to guide VES leadership through all its major transformation efforts, including architectural and integration initiatives such as cloud-smart, DevSecOps, and API-first efforts.

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GovCIO helps you keep pace with innovation while maximizing the value of your legacy infrastructure and delivering uninterrupted support to users.

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GovCIO bridges the gaps in data capabilities to remove silos, improve efficacy, and deliver data-driven decisions.

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We produce products that create experiences your users want and increase business value for your organization.

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