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Agile Transformation

Tailor your agile journey to maximize its impact and remove barriers to lasting change.

Make Agile Work For You

The exponential growth of IT solutions and the benefits they’ve introduced in the government space have significantly shifted expectations of how government should function. Rigid, linear processes with no flexibility and siloed organizations no longer work. More and more, government agencies are turning to Agile to provide the speed, flexibility, resilience, and customer-focus to rapidly adapt to changing environments and customer needs.

However, Agile is not a monolith and government agencies have vastly different needs than private businesses. They require experts with specialized knowledge of how to successfully tailor Agile for the government environment.

As a leader in Federal Agile transformation services and certified SAFe partners, GovCIO has the experience and proven Agile experts you need to shift your organization to Agile. We address the cultural, organizational, and technical changes needed for your organization to fully embrace agile and propagate lasting transformation.

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Driving Enterprise Agility for the VA

To increase its speed, reliability, and service quality for customers, the VA Office of Information and Technology (OIT) sought to institute a broad agile transformation. As OIT oversees 700+ products, this was a complex and highly visible task. OIT brought on GovCIO's certified Agile and SAFe experts to ease their transition from a Waterfall to a fully-realized Agile organization. We provided enterprise Agile strategic planning, business process reengineering, coaching, mentoring, and training to create a sustainable Agile culture and organization from the top-down.

GovCIO Agilists...

Lead by Example

To earn trust and influence others, our coaches act as they want our customer participants to act. They have a learning attitude, welcome feedback, continuously work on improving themselves, and are willing to experiment and fail.

Boost Ownership

Our Agile experts are temporary agents. We give your teams the skills, resources, and confidence they need to work autonomously and proactively. This encourages problem-solving and sustains agile transformation once training ends.

Encourage Innovation

We facilitate innovation by advocating transparency and removing any existing culture of “blame”. In removing the fear of blame, we encourage teams to experiment, “fail fast and early,” learn, and improve, building trust and creating the courage to innovate.

Promote a Learning Culture

Our SMEs create strategies that foster collaboration and move you towards becoming a “learning organization” that focuses on continuous incremental growth. We advocate ongoing training to keep your organization engaged and up-to-date.

Are Open Minded and Active Listeners

Our Agilists engage customers and stakeholders with an open mind, shedding internal biases and personal agendas to really listen to what is being said. They strive to understand the deeper meaning and emotions behind those words, allowing for future possibilities to emerge.

Our Capabilities

Strategic And Advisory Services

Agile Training

Organizational And Culture Change

Agile Project/Program Coaching

Hear From Our Experts

In the first part of our Scaled Agile Lightning Talk featured here, GovCIO Scaled Agile experts Saajan Panikar and Brent Swartz discuss the leadership conditions necessary for sustained SAFe and Agile transformations.

Click below to hear about 1) how to build teams that will drive sustained Agile transformations; and 2) other organizational and personnel requirements necessary for long-term Agile success.

Watch the Full Interview
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