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See some of the ways GovCIO has helped our federal customers implement Agile to better meet mission and citizen needs.

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Agile Transformation: Fostering Innovation and Continuous Improvement for VA

Under the Technology Incubation Services program, GovCIO delivers strategic services to various OIT organizations. Specific to Agile, GovCIO works with VA’s Agile Center of Excellence (ACOE) to lead OIT’s enterprise Agile transformation for over 885 products. In addition, our team guides the push to implement DevSecOps across OIT’s enterprise, ensuring OIT resources have the foundations for DevSecOps to succeed.

Agile Software Development

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Building upon Agile and DevSecOps processes and best practices, GovCIO works with PBGC product owners to modernize, enhance, and maintain its actuarial product line and its two major components—IPVFB and BCV— as well as ten legacy production systems.
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GovCIO helps modernize and enhance USPTO's Patent Center product. Employing cross-functional Agile teams, along with advance DevSecOps tools and practices, our team delivers a scalable, extensible product that improves patent applicants' user experience.
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Using proven Agile methods, GovCIO has successfully transformed how our GAO customer operates and executes its mission. GAO resources can now focus more on mission activities, improvements, and forward-looking outcomes — with GovCIO helping to continuously improve end-user services and capabilities.
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Agile Management: Optimizing how VA OIT Delivers Enterprise Products

GovCIO serves as a dedicated partner to VA OIT's Veterans Experience Services (VES) portfolio, providing invaluable thought leadership, knowledge, and expertise to guide portfolio leadership through major initiatives. Leveraging our proven Integrated, Scalable Agile Management Framework, we can meet all customer needs across a range of services including strategic planning, architecture and engineering, and project, product, and portfolio management.

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