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Cyber Engineering

We make life harder for cyber attackers so you can make life easier for your users.

Start With Security To Stop Cyber Threats

The new and innovative technology that’s rapidly transforming our day-to-day lives is also rapidly introducing new security threats. Using security-first and zero-trust approaches, GovCIO protects your high-value assets and gives your organization the resiliency it needs to thrive.

Our cyber engineering teams build platforms and solutions that close security gaps, boost resilience to mitigate disruptive risks, enhance operations, and align your tools with your cyber strategy and plans. We help you effectively head off and combat the increasing volume, rate, and complexity of cyber threats and risks so you can focus less on security and more on your mission.

We Secure Products by...

Applying DevSecOps Practices

We integrate security at the enterprise level, so your actual development and operations teams can focus on building and maintaining capabilities rather than on security solutions.

Shifting Security to the Left

By thinking about security from the start, we design and architect systems with solid, efficient, and secure foundations.

Using Automation

We incorporate automated tools to mitigate potential risks and vulnerabilities and seamlessly integrate security into your environment. This streamlines your IT team’s workload while giving you peace of mind.

Supporting Continuous Monitoring

We ensure you have the right visibility into your assets to protect and detect against security threats using security logging, monitoring, and alerting solutions across your environments.

Our Capabilities

Infrastructure And Network Security

Cloud Security

Identity And Access Management (IAM)

Data Security

Application Security Services

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Securing FBI's Enterprise- 24x7x365

To tackle growing cyber threats and technological advances of malicious actors, GovCIO partners with the FBI to implement flexible and expedient, but comprehensive, cyber security services— improving how the FBI provides enterprise security support and enhancing its systems’ security posture.

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GovCIO will help solidify your security posture so you can confidently execute your mission, now and in the future.

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GovCIO will arm your organization against every possible cyber threat with smart technology and even smarter people.

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We produce products that create experiences your users want and increase business value for your organization.

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Trending In Cyber

DevSecOps and security leaders from agencies like the Navy, Army and Department of Homeland Security provide insights on how they’re baking in security at all stages of a software development cycle and working with their teams to adapt new cybersecurity tools and strategies for an evolving digital landscape.

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The Office of Justice Programs is using identity, credential, and access management to reduce fraud in federal grants.

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Are You Ready To Be A Transformer?

We’re always looking for fresh and exciting talent. If you're passionate about helping clients protect their vital assets, explore our career paths for Cyber Security.

Careers in Cyber Security
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