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Infrastructure And Operations

Reshape how you do IT to unleash the potential of your people, processes, and technology.

Form The Foundations For Your Future Success

Digital products and services can only go so far without the infrastructure to sustain, protect, and scale to meet increasing demand. GovCIO is here to help.

Our experts assess the infrastructure you have today, design the solutions you need for tomorrow, and seamlessly deploy these solutions to achieve your mission-critical objectives and adapt to change quickly, sparking innovation for future growth.


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Providing SOCOM with Dynamic Capabilities to Execute its Mission

GovCIO enables U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to meet today’s demands while preparing for tomorrow’s challenges. We provide worldwide SOCOM end-users with full 24x7x365 engineering, infrastructure, cyber security, and O&M support for over 25 classified and unclassified world-wide communications networks that serve the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and partner nations across the U.S., S.W. Asia, Europe, and Africa.

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GovCIO helps you keep pace with innovation while maximizing the value of your legacy infrastructure and delivering uninterrupted support to users.

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We harness the cloud to accelerate your organization and build a foundation for future growth and innovation.

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GovCIO will help solidify your security posture so you can confidently execute your mission, now and in the future.

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